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MINDER Bag Hanger Accessory – Gold

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MINDER Bag Hanger Accessory

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The MINDER Bag Hanger Accessory is the perfect product to protect handbags from theft, damage or loss. The heart shaped accessory is compact and discreet and conveniently fits into a purse or pocket. Simply hooked to the edge of a table, the hanger easily folds out to securely hang the handbag and keep it secure, making it ideal for busy public places such as bars and restaurants, or when travelling. It is available in a variety of colours, with a soft epoxy laminated fascia for an attractive shiny finish.


  • Protects handbags from theft, damage or loss
  • Simply hooks to the edge of a table to safely hang the handbag
  • Ideal for use in bars and restaurants
  • Hanger easily folds out and back in
  • Compact and discreet
  • Soft epoxy laminated fascia
  • SKU:L31395

    MINDER Bag Hanger Accessory – Gold

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