STANLEY FatMax® 1/3 Shallow Organiser – Black & Yellow

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STANLEY FatMax® 1/3 Shallow Organiser

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The STANLEY FatMax® 1/3 Shallow Organiser features 8 removable storage compartments ideal for storing small parts, components and accessories, which can also be stacked together for versatile storage outside of the container. The lid is manufactured from polypropylene meaning it is virtually unbreakable and clear for easy viewing of the contents, plus it has been specially designed to ensure that all compartments are securely held in place with two metal latches. The container features a waterproof seal which prevents water, rust and foreign particles from entering the organiser. The 1/3 Shallow Organiser can be used as a standalone organiser or in addition to other organisers from the FatMax® range – they can be clipped together using the side latches for added versatility and easy transportation.


  • 8 removable storage compartments
  • Virtually unbreakable polypropylene lid
  • Waterproof seal
  • Can be used in conjunction with other Stanley FatMax® organisers
  • SKU:L31319

    STANLEY FatMax® 1/3 Shallow Organiser – Black & Yellow

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